Sexual misconduct investigation against Rammstein’s Till Lindemann is dropped


The investigation against Rammstein‘s frontman Till Lindemann following allegations of sexual assault has been dropped by German prosecutors. The Washington Post reported that Berlin’s prosecution office shared a statement which read: “The evaluation of the available evidence — above all the press reports that refer to anonymous whistleblowers, as well as the additional questioning of witnesses — has not produced any indications that the accused has carried out sexual acts on women against their will, administered disabling substances or exploited a power imbalance towards underage sexual partners in order to persuade them to have sex.”

The investigation was launched back in June after several women came forward claiming that the singer drugged and recruited them to engage in sexual activity. Lindenmann had previously denied the allegations with his attorneys adding that the claims were “without exception untrue”. Lindemann’s lawyers said that they would “immediately pursue legal action in response to all such accusations”.

Universal Music halted all marketing and promotion for the band amid the investigation, with the label saying: “The accusations against Till Lindemann have shocked us and we have the greatest respect for the women who have spoken out so courageously in public in this case.”

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